Raw Cotton

Violar S.A. production:

Violar Cotton Ginnery CV Markou cotton bales Our factory in Achillio uses the saw ginning method, each with production output of 750 480-lb bales per day from October to February - March.
Each bale coming out of our factories is quality tested which is vital for its grading and classification in establishing its market value and furthermore assists in the assembling of even-like lots supplied to our customers’ spinning mills around the world.

The average cotton quality of Violar S.A. 2009/10 crop has the following characteristics.

Micronaire 4,3
Length 28,7mm
Strength 30,9gpt
Length Uniformity 82,4
Colour Reflectance (Rd) 71.6
Colour Yellowness (+b) 8,7
% Trash 0,40
Leaf Count 24,7
Neps 231


Trading Cotton

Jawaharlal Nehru Port - India Cargo Train Container Truck Due to our customers’ continuous and growing need of cotton supply, Violar S.A. trades raw cotton as well.
Our experienced cotton traders are physically selecting the cotton bales, certifying that the quality characteristics match ours and our customers’ standards.
We protect and promote our suppliers and customers interests by being members of the International Cotton Association (ICA) since 2000.
We trade under the ICA’s bylaws and rules where applicable. Violar S.A. ginned cotton is exported in more than 10 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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